Case Studies

Common challenges, uncommon solutions

All of our programs are developed by first focusing on the problem, often in partnership with strategic partners and patient groups, and then solving the problem in a non-obvious way together with a brilliant group of cross-disciplinary experts, unencumbered by the bounds of traditional drug development.

We concentrate on a few major initiative areas at a time, generate and review hundreds of technologies, and drive forward a handful of new programs a year.

The Challenge

Obesity is a global epidemic that effects more than half a billion adults worldwide, with obesity-associated medical costs exceeding $140 billion annually in the US alone ( WHO, CDC). To date, treatments have fallen short by failing to fully address the complexity of appetite regulation in a safe manner.

Traditional Approaches

Pharmacological anti-obesity treatments typically modulate single targets and have been limited by toxicity and modest efficacy. Bariatric surgery and related devices, meanwhile, are highly invasive and recommended only for the most severe patients.

So, we asked

What if you could swallow a capsule with safe non-caloric particles that would expand in your stomach to make you feel full?

The result was Gelesis

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